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Happy 1st Birthday, Hinhin!

Happy 1st Birthday, Hinhin!

For the past few months, I’ve been thinking about how to explain the current world situation to my son Leo when the time comes. Every day, we watch the world outside through a glass window in our living room, as if it were a movie screen. “Those are trees”, I tell him. “That’s the sky, and there’s the river.”

One day, if this goes on, I’m sure he’ll ask why his books show illustrations of people with a routine so different from ours, why his favorite cartoon characters never wear masks, why we’re not allowed to step outside our humble apartment. But today, I’ll just have to come up with an answer to why Wabi never makes an “arf arf” sound like the books say dogs do.

One day, he’ll ask why I have so many clothes when there’s nowhere to go. What are “going out clothes” when there’s no such thing as going out? These clothes hold memories, I’ll tell him. They’re my superhero capes.

One day, when this is over, we all get another “first” – first hug with a sorely missed friend, first step on fresh grass, first taste of mom’s cooking, first whiff of the ocean. Extraordinary days are memorable days. I think I’ll wear my pretty dresses everyday, just in case.

To my #hinhingirls - When the world outside seems dark and dreary, I just want to let you know that you’re safe in these clothes. #hinhinworld is our little secret garden. You know deep in your heart how to get there. Happy first birthday, @hinhinworld! 🌱

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- Tricia Gosingtian, founder and creative director